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Strong Stainless Steel Straps

Stainless Strapping

The packaging industries around the world use stainless strapping and believe that it is the strongest and most reliable packing material available. But with the arrival of poly strapping its popularity began waning due to some of its flaws. Industry users began realizing that there were several other options like poly strapping and cord strapping and that it need not rely only on stainless strapping.

Stainless strapping was introduced at a time when steel strapping began receiving flak from many users. It is a high quality strapping that can withstand the elements and extreme conditions. Stainless strapping is made of an alloy that consists of 11% chromium along with steel. This kind of composition makes it resistant to humid weather and therefore does not tend to rust.

Stainless strapping is also very durable and long lasting. It can also resist regular wear and tear. Long pieces of stainless strapping are designed in order to bind or affix loose objects. Stainless straps are used largely to apply tension to steel banding. Small scale applications too benefit a lot from its high tensioning capacity and the minimal maintenance it requires.

Stainless strapping is largely used in civil engineering, telecom, petroleum and other non-commercial applications. There are several kinds of tools to use with stainless strapping. They come in various sizes and shapes. However, operation technics may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Advantages of Stainless strapping

  • It can weather the elements
  • No risk of rust
  • UV resistance
  • Good break strength
  • Easy to handle
  • Can be used with high tension


Stainless strapping is used by very few industries that can fit this kind of strapping into its budget. As it is expensive than most other strapping, many industries are hesitant to use this strapping as it cuts into their budget.

Stainless strapping comes in three types. They are 201, 317 and 304. Of these three kinds of strapping, 201 is considered the best and is also more popular due to its elasticity. It achieves great tension and so it is easier for workers to handle. The strapping 317 resists corrosion better than the other two. And is also more expensive.

The strapping 304 is less expensive than 317 and has the same properties too.