How to Use Cord Strapping

Cord Strap, a particular type of strapping technique that was devised as an alternative to steel strapping. Originally made of rayon, the composition changed a bit at a later stage. Polyester took the place of plain rayon because of its high strength and shock absorbing properties.

Cord strapping has undergone lots of evolution over past few years. Now, it is available in three different forms, i.e., bonded, composite and woven. While the bonded cord is designed to meet varied bundling applications across a multitude of industries the composite category is the best choice for heavy duty applications because of its water and shock resistance properties. No wonder this strapping has made its way through a range of cargo securing applications.

Cord strapping is commonly used in applications like

  • Bundling
  • Unitizing
  • Palletizing
  • Closing of cargo/crate

Apart from these, the strapping also works best for reinforcing, containerization, railcar loading, deck lashings and intermodal loads.

How to apply Cord Strap:

  • Feed the strap around the buckle and thread it through the buckle properly
  • Squeeze the tensioner handle as this triggers the gripper foot
  • Place the tensioner on the bottom strap so that the bottom strap is fed under the gripper foot
  • Make sure that the tensioner is positioned at least a foot away from the buckle
  • Tension the strap by pushing the button on the grip
  • On completion, squeeze the handle thus cutting and releasing the strap

This technique is more or less the same with bonded or woven cord strap. There are several reasons why cord strapping is preferred over steel strapping. Though similar to steel strapping in many respects, cord strap scores higher in cost effectiveness, security, shock absorbance, strength, retained tension, lightweight, portability and chemical resistance.

In order to decide the best cord strapping option, you need to consider variables like nature, weight of the cargo and mode of transportation. A detailed discussion with a reputed dealer helps in making the right selection.