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Poly strapping – Best strapping option

Poly Strapping

Poly strapping is designed for a wide range of applications. It can be used for bundling products in retail, for load stabilization, and also for heavier loads. It is also a cost-efficient alternative to steel strapping. Plastic strapping is available in a wide range of sizes to address different packaging applications. Battery powered tools provide high efficiency and productivity in poly strapping applications.

Poly Strapping - Best Option for Strapping

Polypropylene Strapping

Polypropylene strapping is available in 1/2” and 3/8” sizes.

  • 1/2” – This strapping is available in thickness of 0.015” and weighs 23 lb per coil.
  • 3/4” – This polypropylene strapping is available in thickness of 0.022” and weighs 25 lb per coil.

Nylon Strapping

Nylon strapping is available in several sizes to address different needs. This includes the following sizes and configurations:

  • 1028HR: It is 5/8” wide and has a break strength of 1000 lb
  • 1035HR: This 5/8” nylon strapping has a break strength of 1300 lb
  • 1040HR: This strapping measure 5/8” in thickness and has 1400 lb of break strength
  • 1240HR: This is a 3/4” nylon strapping with 1700 lb of high break strength
  • 1250HR: At 2100 lb, this 3/4” strapping has the highest break strength in its segment

Battery Powered Poly Strapping Tools

There are many proven battery powered poly strapping tools in the market. Some of the most popular options are as follows:

  • Signode BXT3 Series: The BXT3-16 is a proven battery tool that runs 1/2” and 5/8” polyester and polypropylene strapping and pulls 90lbf to 560lbf tension. The BXT3-19 is designed for 5/8” and 3/4” polyester strapping and generates up to 1000lbf. The other tools in this series include the BXT3-13 and BXT3-25/32.
  • Fromm P328: This battery powered poly strapping tool runs 1/2” to 5/8” PET and PP straps and pulls up to 584 lbf. Some of the other popular tools in the series include P329, P331, P325, P330, P327, P324, P326, P320, P321, P322, P323 and many others.
  • Orgapack OR-T 260: A highly user friendly battery tool, the OR-T 260 an be used in automatic and different modes with 1/2” to 5/8” straps. Some of the other proven performers in this series include the OR-T 450, OR-T 130, OR-T 50, OR-T 400, OR-T 250, OR-T 300, OR-T 100, and OR-T 120 among others.

There are many other proven battery-run poly strapping tools including Signode BXT2-10, BXT2-16, BXT2-19 and BXT2-25/32, Dynamic 2100, MT450, B1200, B1000, B800, B600, B400, GripPack Cutter, ZP97, ZP93, 401-2130, Columbia Power HP, and many more.

Using Cord Buckles with Friction

I have always found it amazing that you can pull strapping so hard through the cord buckle and the cord strap does not back out.  The two main secrets are in the coating and geometry.  If your cord buckle is galvanized coated, a woven strap will back right out.  Galvanized buckles lower the friction and are used for composite cord strapping like CC65 or CC105.  Phosphorus coating acts like a sand paper, increasing friction.  It is almost always used on woven cord strap, or on composite that ships on containers.

The other way to get more friction is with a  ladder style lashing buckle.  This rigid buckle does not bend, with the buckle legs clamping down to secure the strap.  Instead it takes a long weave with the strap to put more surface area of the strap onto the buckle.

Cord strap vs. Poly strap

The latest innovative addition to the world of strapping is cord strapping, made from high tenacity polyester yarns. These straps are a level above the poly straps. Compared to steel strapping and poly strapping, Cord strapping has numerous advantages. As opposed to steel, cord strapping is weather resistant, it does not rust, it is just as strong, and it is light and easily portable. As opposed to poly strapping, cord straps retain more tension and strength; they are cost effective, re-tensionable and even more cost effective.


Cord strap may very easily be confused with poly strapping because they both look and feel very similar. Cord strapping is available in three types: composite, bonded and woven.  The woven cord strap is a combination of the composite and bonded cord strapping. However, the easiest way to distinguish between the two is to add a piece of each to some water. Cord strap floats while poly strapping sinks, this is because cord strapping is lighter and more flexible than poly strapping.

Applications of Cord strapping

Cord strapping is available in a wide range of strengths and flexibility ranging from 100 pounds and up to 45,000 pounds. This allows for a wider range of applications too. Cord strapping is also considered to be safer, more convenient and more cost effective compared to steel and poly strapping.

Cord strapping can be used to package and transport any load in any industry. It is applicable in palletizing, unitizing, bundling, carton packaging, reinforcing, etc.

Cord strapping can be secured with metal fasteners depending on the weight of the package. On the other hand, for smaller loads, it can be tied into knots like rope, and both secure a high joint efficiency.

Why use cord strapping:

  • Cord strapping is more flexible as compared to steel and poly straps
  • Cord strapping is a safer option with lesser chances of injury
  • Cord straps are energy and cost efficient
  • Cord has greater shock absorbency
  • It has lower chances of damaging the cargo that is packaged

The disadvantage of using cord strapping, however, is that the cord itself may be damaged depending on the nature of the cargo. In situations like this, costs would increase as the package would need to be reinforced.

The choice between the types of strapping is dependent on a variety of factors. What suits one purpose may not suit another. Allstrap offers a variety of strapping options like steel, poly and cord straps, tools and other equipment. It is a one stop shop for all strapping needs, be it industrial or personal.

Cord Strapping and the Best Cord Strapping Tools

In the steel service industry, the most popular kinds of strapping are cord strapping, poly strapping and steel strapping. Early on, steel strapping was the most preferred strapping method among the others. However, today, cord strapping and poly strapping have overtaken the steel strapping method as it is more cumbersome, less expensive in the long run, and can hold greater tension.

In the case of cord strapping and poly strapping, there are a variety of options to choose from. From length and width of the strapping to break strength, they have it all. While many industries still prefer poly strapping, there are many in the industry who rely only on cord strapping for several reasons.

Cord strapping comes in three different types: composite, bonded and woven. The composite cord has the strength and rigidity of steel. Rather than using metal seals or friction weld seals that are used for steel strapping and poly strapping, cord strapping uses steel buckles to hold the strap in place. One benefit of cord strap is that it uses only one tool, a tensioner. Like other strapping tools, cord tools make both manual and battery tensioners. The tools to be used with cord strapping differ based on applications. The best manual tools are ASC325 and ASC395. However, we recommend using the newest strapping tool, the Golden Bear C11 battery tensioning tool. The C11 can pull 2,700 pounds of tension, which is more than traditional pneumatic steel strapping tools. It uses a Milwaukee drill as its motor and it’s the easiest tool on the market to use.

Benefits of cord strapping:

•    It is as strong as steel

•    Safe for users & receivers

•    Cost effective

•    Does not damage your products

•    Shock absorbent

•    High retained tension

•    High system strengths

Bonded strapping systems need to be tensioned using manual or pneumatic Cordstrap polyester strapping tools. Minimal wear & tear and low initial cost are just some of the benefits of these tools. The woven polyester strapping is a woven variation of composite and bonded polyester straps. These kind of composite strapping is manufactured from high tensil polyester yarn.

The 1”x 1650 (longer coils) weigh about 2,200 lbs and has good strength. Some of the other advantages of using cord strapping is that it is chemical and weather resistant. It will not rust and is re-tensionable. More and more industries are trying to switch over to cord-polyester strapping as it is very cost effective and also less time consuming. Since it is also light weight, workers use it effortlessly and the work gets done faster. The damage during transit is very minimal. The cord strapping is also specifically designed for palletizing and bundling cargo. Moreover, there are other variables like the nature and weight of your cargo and the mode of transport you choose. Once this is determined, you will be able to choose the strapping product will be suitable for damage free transit.

There are several pneumatic strapping and lashing tools that lets you apply a good amount of tension to your strap with less effort at the push of a button. If you want a safe and cost effective alternative to steel strapping at if you are looking best tools from Signode, Fromm etc, and for cord strapping  and other cord strapping solutions, Allstrap is the best choice.

How to Use Cord Strapping

Cord Strap, a particular type of strapping technique that was devised as an alternative to steel strapping. Originally made of rayon, the composition changed a bit at a later stage. Polyester took the place of plain rayon because of its high strength and shock absorbing properties.

Cord strapping has undergone lots of evolution over past few years. Now, it is available in three different forms, i.e., bonded, composite and woven. While the bonded cord is designed to meet varied bundling applications across a multitude of industries the composite category is the best choice for heavy duty applications because of its water and shock resistance properties. No wonder this strapping has made its way through a range of cargo securing applications.

Cord strapping is commonly used in applications like

  • Bundling
  • Unitizing
  • Palletizing
  • Closing of cargo/crate

Apart from these, the strapping also works best for reinforcing, containerization, railcar loading, deck lashings and intermodal loads.

How to apply Cord Strap:

  • Feed the strap around the buckle and thread it through the buckle properly
  • Squeeze the tensioner handle as this triggers the gripper foot
  • Place the tensioner on the bottom strap so that the bottom strap is fed under the gripper foot
  • Make sure that the tensioner is positioned at least a foot away from the buckle
  • Tension the strap by pushing the button on the grip
  • On completion, squeeze the handle thus cutting and releasing the strap

This technique is more or less the same with bonded or woven cord strap. There are several reasons why cord strapping is preferred over steel strapping. Though similar to steel strapping in many respects, cord strap scores higher in cost effectiveness, security, shock absorbance, strength, retained tension, lightweight, portability and chemical resistance.

In order to decide the best cord strapping option, you need to consider variables like nature, weight of the cargo and mode of transportation. A detailed discussion with a reputed dealer helps in making the right selection.

Composite Cord Strapping

Composite Cord Strapping

Composite cord strapping is designed as one of the best alternative to metal strapping. It can be used for the most heavy-duty strapping applications without any worries. It can offer the same strength and tenacity of its steel or stainless steel counterparts while being safer, easier to handle and cost-effective.

Why Composite Cord Strapping?

Composite cord strapping is also highly resistant to the elements. It is so durable that it has also been called the best alternative to steel. Composite cord is made from high-tenacity polyester yarns with polymer coating. You can choose it in a large variety of strengths and widths.

This poly strapping is what comes closest to steel strapping in terms of strength. It is widely used in the lumber industry, and is being accepted by other heavy-duty industries too. You will need only a buckle to seal it. There is no need for other types of seals like closed or open seals. Composite strapping has also found application in the rail road due to its very high strength. Besides, it can easily withstand the elements.

Advantages of Using Composite Cord Strapping

  • It can be as strong as steel
  • It is much more cost effective
  • It is also much safer than steel or stainless steel strapping
  • There is no damage to the load/package
  • It has high shock absorbing capacity
  • It can retain very high tension, so you can use it with highly powerful strapping tools
  • It is weather-resistant and chemical-resistant
  • Composite plastic strapping is lightweight and easily portable
  • There is no risk of rotting or rusting

Composite strapping is manufactured to be extremely rigid as compared to other types of cord strapping. The coating gives it a more steel-like rigidity and strength. It is easier to loop around the load that has to be packaged. It is also easier to thread through the closed seals or buckle before pulling.

Using Buckles for Sealing

When used with buckles, composite strapping provides you the strongest and most reliable joint. In fact, it is considered the most durable joint in the strapping industry. There are many reasons why. It has a joint efficiency that can be as high as 90% of the strength of the strap. It is also considered the most reliable closure technique. It has a special self-locking mechanism.

You can also consider other sealing mechanisms like push seals, but composite strapping is always recommended to be used with a buckle seal.

Why Cord Strap Works

Cord is the newest heavy duty steel strap replacement. It is simple to use, and has very little start up cost.  Buy the cord strap, buckles, a tensioner, and a dispenser, no sealer needed.  The buckles work like a boy scout belt buckle.  They allow strapping to pull through in only one direction.

The strapping is so easy to use, it has taken over the lumber yards in the US market and across Europe.  It is great for several key reasons:

  • Safety
  • Ease of use
  • Does not damage product or paint jobs like steel strapping did!
  • Cord strap can be re-tightened down the line

The leading US supplier is Allstrap: 866-779-CORD, they are experts in application and the tooling that goes with cord strapping.

Battery Cord Tensioner

Battery Cord Tensioner

Reliable & Easy To Use Battery Cord Tensioner

The latest Battery cord tensioner features new and improved technologies and interactions to make the most of its features in the packaging area. These strapping tools allow the operator to strap packages faster and more easily. Now it is possible to strap objects that were not possible earlier. These tools provide an entirely new experience of convenience and speed.

Ease of Use

The new Battery cord tensioner units are among the easiest cord strapping tools to use. They feature ergonomic design, small handle and a lightweight construction. This makes them well balanced tools for different strapping positions. They feature single-hand operation and provide high level of tensioning force.

The latest battery-powered cord strapping tools feature adjustable seal time. Some designs come with automatic sealing and enable fast and highly reliable seals. They feature the latest lithium ion battery technology that periods high level of reliability. The battery-powered tools feature dual batteries and charger.

Lithium Ion Technology

These battery-powered tools are highly portable. They can be moved around the packaging floor and through the plant for use in different areas. Thus, operators can complete their tasks in different places without the need for carrying heavy units.

Thanks to the latest lithium ion technology, businesses are able to get more cycles from each charge. When the new battery tech is combined with the new brushless motor, it helps in getting more out of each shift. Users are able to get up to 400 cycles per charge.

The new technology also enhances overall lifespan and performance of the Battery cord tensioner. Thanks to this, these strapping tools have been proven to be high capacity tools that boost productivity. Besides, the better brushless motor tech further helps in reducing the wear and tear.

Maximum Safety & Minimum Errors

These new cord strapping tools are designed not only for efficiency and high productivity, they are also made to minimize operator mistakes. This is for the first time that tensioners are being designed to eliminate user-based errors.

Seal Strengths

These new tools enable the highest joint efficiencies. They can range between 75% and 90% seal strength with high quality strapping. It can help in getting as strong or even stronger strapping compared to traditional metal alternatives. The Battery cord tensioner tools also help businesses save big on the costs associated with the heavy tools and metal straps used traditionally, without the need for compromising on quality or strength.

Battery Powered Signode BXT3-19 Poly Strapping Tool

Battery Powered Signode BXT3-19 Poly Strapping Tool

The BXT3-19 takes the existing fastest strapping tool in the market to the next level. This battery powered strapping tool is designed for strapping 5/8 inch and 3/4 inch poly straps. Operators can switch between the different sizes by adjusting the guides.

Configuration & Applications

The BXT3-19 features automatic strap pulling to the required pre-set tensioning force. Once the tension is achieved, the tool will automatically weld and cut the strap. Once strap has been welded, the strapping tool will start a countdown. Once the countdown stops, it will make a sound which indicates that the weld has cooled down and that you could remove it.

The battery-run strapping tool is designed for ease of operation, simplicity and efficient operation. It is capable of accommodating all types of loads involved in light to heavy duty applications. The new tool features a new solid base that makes it easier to remove it after the tension. Signode has also done away with the rocker arm in the new tool. There are only 2 other tools in its class which have achieved this feat.

Signode has retained the best in the new battery-based strapping tool from the BXT2. This includes the battery, charger and the motor technology. This means users will be able to upgrade to a new and better tool. It is capable of generating peak tensioning force of 900 lbs. It runs on 18V Li-ion, 5 Ah batteries.

Technical Specs

  • Strapping Quality: Polypropylene or Polyester
  • Strapping Size: 5/8 inch to 3/4 inch width (0.016 to 0.051 inch thickness)
  • Peak Tensioning: 900 lbs
  • Seal Type: Friction Weld Seal

The BXT3-19 is the easiest of battery-run strapping tools in its segment, featuring a solid base. The unique design makes it stand out in its segment. The solid grip, ergonomic design and well balanced weight prevent the tool from tipping over in the hand. It can be held and used with single hand and doesn’t cause hand fatigue.

The BXT3-19 has been designed specifically keeping in mind hard-to-deal with strapping positions. It features a smaller interface size, allowing operators to band coils and round objects. It is so versatile that it can be used in different positions like horizontal, vertical and even upside down. Adjustments can be made depending on the location of the seal. It is the perfect battery-powered poly strapping tool in its segment, capable of achieving efficient results with 5/8 inch and 3/4 inch straps.

The Durable Alternative: Cord Strapping

When industries have minimal budgets, they have discovered other forms of strapping like poly strapping and cord strapping to be equally effective in place of steel strapping. They began switching over from steel strapping in order to cut costs. However, Cord strapping is a good alternative and very economical to use. It is strong and durable and very reliable material to pack even heavy loads.

Industry experts believe that cord strapping is equally strong and durable as steel. The cord strapping comes in various lengths and widths and one can choose from a variety of strapping material depending on the type of applications they are using. This strapping is also a cheaper alternative to poly strapping.

Cord strapping is of three types. They are composite, bonded and woven. The composite cord is the strongest, being rigid like steel. There are several tools in the market that can be used efficiently with cord strapping. Some industries use cord strapping exclusively for manual applications. Pneumatic tensioners also use the cord strapping effectively. There are a lot of advantages to using cord strapping. It is very economical and cost effective.  It is smooth, strong and safe for both the senders and receivers.

CC105 1.25 Inch Composite Cord Strap

CC105 1.25 Inch Composite Cord Strap

125WAAR 1.5 Inch Woven Cord

125WAAR 1.5 Inch Woven Cord

HD Woven Polyester Strapping

HD Woven Polyester Strapping

Cord strapping does not damage the packaging and can weather the elements easily. It does not rust like steel and leave marks on the surface of the package. It is chemical resistant and can be re-tensioned easily. Cord strapping is used along with buckles, which are light in weight. Operators prefer to work with cord strapping as it is easy to strap and work gets done quickly. It also has high system strength. This strapping is especially designed for bundling and palletizing cargo. Pneumatic battery powered tensioners like the ASC325 and ASC395 are used effectively using cord strapping.

Watch the Buckles Video

Depending on the nature of cargo, different types of pneumatic and lashing tools can be used to provide tension at the touch of the button. This makes the packaging effective. In order to use cord strapping effectively, there are different types of pneumatic battery powered tensioners that can be chosen for the preferred application, different kinds of cord strapping and different varieties of buckles that can be used with the right kind of cord.

Allstrap is a popular tool dealer supplying different kinds of strapping material and equipment. They carry all popular brands of tools and also undertake repair of these tools at a nominal cost. For more information call Allstrap’s customer care department.