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Battery Powered Signode BXT3-19 Poly Strapping Tool

Battery Powered Signode BXT3-19 Poly Strapping Tool

The BXT3-19 takes the existing fastest strapping tool in the market to the next level. This battery powered strapping tool is designed for strapping 5/8 inch and 3/4 inch poly straps. Operators can switch between the different sizes by adjusting the guides.

Configuration & Applications

The BXT3-19 features automatic strap pulling to the required pre-set tensioning force. Once the tension is achieved, the tool will automatically weld and cut the strap. Once strap has been welded, the strapping tool will start a countdown. Once the countdown stops, it will make a sound which indicates that the weld has cooled down and that you could remove it.

The battery-run strapping tool is designed for ease of operation, simplicity and efficient operation. It is capable of accommodating all types of loads involved in light to heavy duty applications. The new tool features a new solid base that makes it easier to remove it after the tension. Signode has also done away with the rocker arm in the new tool. There are only 2 other tools in its class which have achieved this feat.

Signode has retained the best in the new battery-based strapping tool from the BXT2. This includes the battery, charger and the motor technology. This means users will be able to upgrade to a new and better tool. It is capable of generating peak tensioning force of 900 lbs. It runs on 18V Li-ion, 5 Ah batteries.

Technical Specs

  • Strapping Quality: Polypropylene or Polyester
  • Strapping Size: 5/8 inch to 3/4 inch width (0.016 to 0.051 inch thickness)
  • Peak Tensioning: 900 lbs
  • Seal Type: Friction Weld Seal

The BXT3-19 is the easiest of battery-run strapping tools in its segment, featuring a solid base. The unique design makes it stand out in its segment. The solid grip, ergonomic design and well balanced weight prevent the tool from tipping over in the hand. It can be held and used with single hand and doesn’t cause hand fatigue.

The BXT3-19 has been designed specifically keeping in mind hard-to-deal with strapping positions. It features a smaller interface size, allowing operators to band coils and round objects. It is so versatile that it can be used in different positions like horizontal, vertical and even upside down. Adjustments can be made depending on the location of the seal. It is the perfect battery-powered poly strapping tool in its segment, capable of achieving efficient results with 5/8 inch and 3/4 inch straps.