Cord Strapping and the Best Cord Strapping Tools

In the steel service industry, the most popular kinds of strapping are cord strapping, poly strapping and steel strapping. Early on, steel strapping was the most preferred strapping method among the others. However, today, cord strapping and poly strapping have overtaken the steel strapping method as it is more cumbersome, less expensive in the long run, and can hold greater tension.

In the case of cord strapping and poly strapping, there are a variety of options to choose from. From length and width of the strapping to break strength, they have it all. While many industries still prefer poly strapping, there are many in the industry who rely only on cord strapping for several reasons.

Cord strapping comes in three different types: composite, bonded and woven. The composite cord has the strength and rigidity of steel. Rather than using metal seals or friction weld seals that are used for steel strapping and poly strapping, cord strapping uses steel buckles to hold the strap in place. One benefit of cord strap is that it uses only one tool, a tensioner. Like other strapping tools, cord tools make both manual and battery tensioners. The tools to be used with cord strapping differ based on applications. The best manual tools are ASC325 and ASC395. However, we recommend using the newest strapping tool, the Golden Bear C11 battery tensioning tool. The C11 can pull 2,700 pounds of tension, which is more than traditional pneumatic steel strapping tools. It uses a Milwaukee drill as its motor and it’s the easiest tool on the market to use.

Benefits of cord strapping:

•    It is as strong as steel

•    Safe for users & receivers

•    Cost effective

•    Does not damage your products

•    Shock absorbent

•    High retained tension

•    High system strengths

Bonded strapping systems need to be tensioned using manual or pneumatic Cordstrap polyester strapping tools. Minimal wear & tear and low initial cost are just some of the benefits of these tools. The woven polyester strapping is a woven variation of composite and bonded polyester straps. These kind of composite strapping is manufactured from high tensil polyester yarn.

The 1”x 1650 (longer coils) weigh about 2,200 lbs and has good strength. Some of the other advantages of using cord strapping is that it is chemical and weather resistant. It will not rust and is re-tensionable. More and more industries are trying to switch over to cord-polyester strapping as it is very cost effective and also less time consuming. Since it is also light weight, workers use it effortlessly and the work gets done faster. The damage during transit is very minimal. The cord strapping is also specifically designed for palletizing and bundling cargo. Moreover, there are other variables like the nature and weight of your cargo and the mode of transport you choose. Once this is determined, you will be able to choose the strapping product will be suitable for damage free transit.

There are several pneumatic strapping and lashing tools that lets you apply a good amount of tension to your strap with less effort at the push of a button. If you want a safe and cost effective alternative to steel strapping at if you are looking best tools from Signode, Fromm etc, and for cord strapping  and other cord strapping solutions, Allstrap is the best choice.