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Battery Cord Tensioner

Battery Cord Tensioner

Reliable & Easy To Use Battery Cord Tensioner

The latest Battery cord tensioner features new and improved technologies and interactions to make the most of its features in the packaging area. These strapping tools allow the operator to strap packages faster and more easily. Now it is possible to strap objects that were not possible earlier. These tools provide an entirely new experience of convenience and speed.

Ease of Use

The new Battery cord tensioner units are among the easiest cord strapping tools to use. They feature ergonomic design, small handle and a lightweight construction. This makes them well balanced tools for different strapping positions. They feature single-hand operation and provide high level of tensioning force.

The latest battery-powered cord strapping tools feature adjustable seal time. Some designs come with automatic sealing and enable fast and highly reliable seals. They feature the latest lithium ion battery technology that periods high level of reliability. The battery-powered tools feature dual batteries and charger.

Lithium Ion Technology

These battery-powered tools are highly portable. They can be moved around the packaging floor and through the plant for use in different areas. Thus, operators can complete their tasks in different places without the need for carrying heavy units.

Thanks to the latest lithium ion technology, businesses are able to get more cycles from each charge. When the new battery tech is combined with the new brushless motor, it helps in getting more out of each shift. Users are able to get up to 400 cycles per charge.

The new technology also enhances overall lifespan and performance of the Battery cord tensioner. Thanks to this, these strapping tools have been proven to be high capacity tools that boost productivity. Besides, the better brushless motor tech further helps in reducing the wear and tear.

Maximum Safety & Minimum Errors

These new cord strapping tools are designed not only for efficiency and high productivity, they are also made to minimize operator mistakes. This is for the first time that tensioners are being designed to eliminate user-based errors.

Seal Strengths

These new tools enable the highest joint efficiencies. They can range between 75% and 90% seal strength with high quality strapping. It can help in getting as strong or even stronger strapping compared to traditional metal alternatives. The Battery cord tensioner tools also help businesses save big on the costs associated with the heavy tools and metal straps used traditionally, without the need for compromising on quality or strength.