Composite Cord Strapping

Composite Cord Strapping

Composite cord strapping is designed as one of the best alternative to metal strapping. It can be used for the most heavy-duty strapping applications without any worries. It can offer the same strength and tenacity of its steel or stainless steel counterparts while being safer, easier to handle and cost-effective.

Why Composite Cord Strapping?

Composite cord strapping is also highly resistant to the elements. It is so durable that it has also been called the best alternative to steel. Composite cord is made from high-tenacity polyester yarns with polymer coating. You can choose it in a large variety of strengths and widths.

This poly strapping is what comes closest to steel strapping in terms of strength. It is widely used in the lumber industry, and is being accepted by other heavy-duty industries too. You will need only a buckle to seal it. There is no need for other types of seals like closed or open seals. Composite strapping has also found application in the rail road due to its very high strength. Besides, it can easily withstand the elements.

Advantages of Using Composite Cord Strapping

  • It can be as strong as steel
  • It is much more cost effective
  • It is also much safer than steel or stainless steel strapping
  • There is no damage to the load/package
  • It has high shock absorbing capacity
  • It can retain very high tension, so you can use it with highly powerful strapping tools
  • It is weather-resistant and chemical-resistant
  • Composite plastic strapping is lightweight and easily portable
  • There is no risk of rotting or rusting

Composite strapping is manufactured to be extremely rigid as compared to other types of cord strapping. The coating gives it a more steel-like rigidity and strength. It is easier to loop around the load that has to be packaged. It is also easier to thread through the closed seals or buckle before pulling.

Using Buckles for Sealing

When used with buckles, composite strapping provides you the strongest and most reliable joint. In fact, it is considered the most durable joint in the strapping industry. There are many reasons why. It has a joint efficiency that can be as high as 90% of the strength of the strap. It is also considered the most reliable closure technique. It has a special self-locking mechanism.

You can also consider other sealing mechanisms like push seals, but composite strapping is always recommended to be used with a buckle seal.